The Department of Human Resources is one of the main units of the University, and seeks to provide a positive university environment to regulate the relationship between its cadres and the distribution of their roles in an integrated manner, and help solve problems related to work, and build a positive positive relations between the university and its cadres; to ensure their satisfaction and job security, and reflection This is positive for performance and productivity.
In order to achieve the vision of the University towards excellence and leadership, the Human Resources Department focused on the implementation of the University’s policy regarding the appointment of the necessary competencies of human resources and the resulting procedures of confirmation, evaluation, transfer, promotion, annual increase, and follow-up their administrative and practical affairs throughout the duration of their work at the university, in accordance with the laws and regulations And applicable regulations and termination of work.
We at the Human Resources Department at the Middle East University have clear goals, great aspirations, trust in ourselves and the leadership of our university, and rely on our staff to deliver our mission, and strive with them to create a work environment that enables everyone to add quality value to work.