MoE Honours MEU Engineering Student

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AMMAN – The Department of Education in both al-Quwaysimah and Marka honoured student Rusol Abu Qalbin, studying Civil Engineering at Middle East University’s Faculty of Engineering, for her effective role in maintaining and renovating schools run by the Ministry of Education, under the supervision of the UNOPS.

Student Abu Qalbin was part of the engineering team that was dedicated to maintaining schools during the summer semester of the 2019/2020 academic year. Participating students get to gain practical experience in carrying out engineering projects and applying the theoretical knowledge they have acquired over the years, all under the direct supervision and guidance of Dr al-Motasem Darwish.

Student Abu Qalbin was praised for her competence and adequate performance, and showed great enthusiasm throughout the project. She expressed her gratitude towards her professors for their constant support and guidance.