AMMAN – H.E. the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Muthana Gharaibeh, received Dr. Abdelrahman Zuriak, the Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre at Middle East University. The meeting was organised to discuss the Jordan Entrepreneurs 2020 programme that was recently launched by MEU’s IEC in cooperation with the University of Bedfordshire, Umniah’s business

QRAEE Meets with its Representatives at MEU

AMMAN – The Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education (QRAEE) met with its representatives and education supervisors from all over the Kingdom on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at Middle East University. The meeting’s agenda included a discussion on the announcement of the 2020 QRAEE awards (5th Teacher Award, 4th School Counselor), and institution awards
AMMAN – Middle East University, as represented by Dr. Bilal Al Rawashdeh, the Director of the Human Rights Centre, participated in a workshop titled “The Role of the Private Sector in Protecting the Environment and Endorsing Sustainable Development Plans”. The workshop was organised by the National Centre for Environmental Justice in cooperation with the German
AMMAN – Researcher and Faculty of Business student Tasneem Khader Abdullah defended her thesis “The Moderator Effect and the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Employees’ Performance – A Field Study of Private Hospitals in Amman”. Ms. Abdullah investigated how the moderator effect mediates private hospitals’ ethical climate and how it changes workers’ emotional intelligence and
AMMAN – Researcher and Faculty of Arts and Sciences student Abdulghani Taysir Al Khalayleh defended his thesis “The Role of Political Parties in the Formation of the Parliamentary Government”. Al Khalayleh adopted a descriptive-analytical and historical methodology to define the role that political parties play in Jordan’s political system and discuss the constitutional articles that
AMMAN – The Faculty of Pharmacy at Middle East University hosted Pharmacy One’s staff evaluation test, which is part of Pharmacy One’s process for choosing its branch managers for its Jordan locations. MEU was delighted to host the group’s evaluation test as part of the current agreement between the two parties. Dr. Amjad Aryan, founder
AMMAN – Researcher and  Faculty of Business student Anees Ahmad Yirfas defended his thesis “The Effect of Customer Knowledge Management on the Performance of Private Hospitals in Amman”. Yirfas investigated the developments being made at private hospitals and the effect that their adoption of customer knowledge management models and processes has on these hospitals’ performances.
AMMAN – Student and researcher Shatha Fakhri Al Aqayleh from the Faculty of Law defended her thesis “The Decisions of the International Labour Organization”. In her thesis, Al Aqayleh discusses the challenges that the ILO faces in enforcing its laws and standards. Al Aqayleh addressed the need to find a mechanism that will allow the
AMMAN – Student and researcher Yousef Ismael Al Khreas from the Faculty of Media defended his thesis “The Effect of Adopting Governance in Decision-Taking at Jordanian Private Universities in the Northern Region – An Analysis”. Al Khreas investigated the effect of applying governance to decision-taking processes at private Jordanian universities in the Northern region. The
AMMAN – Student and researcher Nizar Sameer Al Tamimi from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Political Science, defended his Master’s thesis “The Nation-State Bill and Its Effect on the Future of the Palestinian Cause – An Analysis” In pursuing this topic, Al Tamimi aimed to shed light on the Nation-State Bill. He