Middle East University and the Jordan Customs Department Establish a Partnership to Support Innovation

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AMMAN- Middle East University, represented by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC), and the Jordan Customs Department cooperatively launched a group of research projects focused on promoting innovation. Attendees of the launch event included Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin, the Chairman of Middle East University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Abdelmajid A. Al-Rahamneh, the Director General of the Jordan Customs Department, Dr Awni Tbeishat,the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Director of Higher Education Institutions, Dr Ibrahim Al-Rawabdeh, Executive Director of the King Abdullah II Center for Excellence, and Eng. Ismael Haqqi, the Director of the TechWorks initiative at the Crown Prince Foundation.

Dr. Al-Rahmaneh gave a speech where he said, “This partnership represents the realisation of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision for the future of our nation. This newly cemented relationship is an embodiment of His Majesty’s desire to see an increase in cooperative efforts between the public and private sectors, which His Majesty has spoken about in many of his recent public addresses. His Majesty has also discussed the importance of integrating educational institutions into the cooperation of both the nation’s sectors, and we are proud to do so by partnering with the prestigious Middle East University. Our joint efforts will surely contribute to revitalizing the Jordanian economy and encourage the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to create a brighter future for our nation.”

Dr Nasereddin also expressed his enthusiasm about the newly established partnership between MEU and the Jordan Customs Department, stating, “The initiatives undertaken as part of this partnership will focus on promoting entrepreneurship in order to find solutions to the problems facing Jordan’s future. These initiatives will also answer His Majesty King Abdullah II’s call for supporting innovation in the Kingdom and uniting the Jordanian private and public sector in their endeavours, and allow our great nation to overcome all the economic challenges it has been facing over the past few years.” Middle East University shares His Majesty’s opinion on the importance of supporting Jordanian innovation, and therefore aims to fortify the next generation’s minds with priceless knowledge and a passion for entrepreneurship by partnering with prestigious national institutions, such as the Jordan Customs Department, to create educational programmes that will give them the skills to bring Jordan into a new age of success.

The goal of this partnership, which was initially established earlier this year, is to promote the cooperation of the two parties and allow them to create entrepreneurship projects for students to participate in and learn from, preparing them to be productive workers upon their entry into the job market. This partnership also allows both parties to forge stronger relationships with Jordanian organisations that currently work to support Jordanian entrepreneurship, such as the Crown Prince Foundation, the King Abdullah II Center for Innovation, and a number of others, in order to achieve their shared goals of pursuing research that will provide solutions to the modern problems facing the nation, and shaping Jordan into a regional and international hub for innovation.