MEU’s Faculty of Media Presents Seminar on Role of Media Literacy during Current Pandemic

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AMMAN – Dr Ahmad Erekat, professor of Digital Media at Middle East University’s Faculty of Media, presented a seminar titled ‘Family’s Role in Establishing Media Literacy during the Coronavirus Pandemic’, organised by the King Abdullah II Cultural Centre in Zarqa.

The seminar focused on the main objectives of educational media in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Dr Erekat stressed the urgency of providing the local community and public opinion with accurate information on educational programmes and projects, using the available means of communication, specifically social media platforms.

Dr Erekat highlighted the main criteria set to measure the success of educational media, which can only be attained by having a positive impact on the local community. Educational media should always look to activate and employ communication tools to help develop talent, stimulate diverse capabilities, encourage creative initiatives, and promote high educational and social values.