MEU’s Faculty of Educational Sciences Organises Course on Electronic Material

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AMMAN – The Faculty of Educational Sciences at Middle East University organised a series of training courses on the use of electronic educational material in the classroom for the administrative and teaching staff at al-Qasem Schools in Madaba.

The courses were prepared and conducted by Dr Sani al-Khasawneh, a faculty member at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The participants were introduced to the stages of e-learning development and the latest e-learning tools and methods. They were also guided in designing e-learning material for both online and classroom use.

Dr al-Khasawneh aimed to develop school teachers’ skills and abilities in employing e-learning software, in order to advance the quality of e-learning material used in the classroom. She also stressed the importance of conducting such courses in light of the current circumstances, as she finds these skills to come in handy with distance learning and facilitating communication with students.