MEU Participates in the First Discussion on the Centenary Hackathon

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The first discussion of the centenary hackathon, which was held through Zoom, started yesterday, where members of the Scientific Research and Innovation Support Fund at the Ministry of Higher Education were present, as well as highly-experienced professionals in the field.
The discussion was commenced with a speech by Dr. Waseem Halaseh, Acting Director of the Scientific Research and Innovation Support Fund, in which he acknowledged the great efforts exerted to make the centenary hackathon a reality. From his side, the Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee in the Scientific Research and Innovation Support Fund, and the Manager of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in Middle East University, Dr. Abdul Rahman Zraiq, confirmed that the committee is one of the biggest supporters of the projects submitted by the participants.
Zraiq also explained the stages of participation in the hackathon and the key aspects and challenges that participants will have to tackle. In addition, he gave suggestions on how to create solutions for effective innovative projects.
Other experts taking part in the discussion explained with more detail the key aspects of the hackathon, such as the challenges to the education sector during Covid-19, the significance of technology and advanced equipment in communicating valuable educational messages, and the importance of creating a content that addresses the needs of learners across different levels. Members also spoke about other challenges concerned with water, energy, food security, and many other issues.