MEU Participates in an Interactive Panel Organised by the Media Commission

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AMMAN – The Faculty of Media at Middle East University, represented by its Dean, Prof. Ezzat Hijab, participated in an interactive panel, organised by the Media Commission, titled “The Audiovisual Complaints Committee and its Role in Developing Media Content”.
The panel discussed the official jurisdiction of the Complaints Committee and the extent of its role in resolving any conflicts that may arise from any allegedly harmful content broadcast on local TV or radio stations. The panel also highlighted the importance of focusing on the quality and authenticity of media content.
The University’s representatives discussed the importance of familiarising Jordanian audiences with this committee and its role in ensuring the safety of public content. The Committee’s various duties and media activities are further outlined in a paper titled “Uplifting the Media Content”.
The Committee highlighted the importance of controlling media content in light of the challenges it is currently facing, including a recent increase in the spread of misleading rumours that are often completely false. The Committee also stressed that a safe media environment can only be achieved when media producers and content creators are committed to their professional and legal duties.
The Complaints Committee was formed according to the Audiovisual Law no. (26) of 2015. It consists of nine members who are leading experts in their respective fields and is dedicated to protecting the independence of media outlets.