MEU Meets with Ambition School Students

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AMMAN – Middle East University organised a lecture on mind maps, hosted by the Ambition School. The lecture was conducted by MEU students Imadaddin Salah, from the Faculty of Engineering, and Laith Atoun, from the Faculty of Business.

The lecture introduced the Ambition School students in attendance to the concept of mind maps, and they learned about the relationship between mind maps and cognitive processes. The lecturers also illustrated how students can use mind maps to improve their time management and memorisation skills, as these mind maps methods have been proven to boost academic performances. The lecture was attended by the School Principal Mr. Ghazi Al Naouri, teaching staff, and students.

Mr. Al Naouri praised Mr. Salah and Mr. Atoun for their presentation and lecturing skills. He stated, “MEU sets a shining example of how to help accelerate the development of the national education sector through the way that it shares its academic and research expertise with local educational institutions.”