MEU Holds an Educational Session on Maintaining Mental Balance in the Time of Covid-19

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The Counseling and Psychological Services Center at MEU held an educational session on Maintaining Mental Balance in the Time of Covid-19 for university students, delivered by the center’s Manager, Dr. Amani Douglas through Microsoft Teams.
This session, attended by Dr. Ahmad Nasereddin/Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dean of Students’ Affairs Dr. Salim Sharif, and a host of faculty members and students, was aimed at dispersing knowledge and providing guidance to students on the importance of psychological and social support during the time of Covid-19, and how to deal with psychological stress.
The session discussed different aspects, including the importance of resorting to certain psychological strategies to deal with negative implications, the stress, and the concerns that arose with the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the session discussed the challenges related to the fear of losing social skills, as well as some strategies to be optimistic and positive and to express one’s feelings instead of curbing them.
Dr. Nasereddin, from his side, stressed the importance of the continuance of such sessions, lectures and seminars and commended the valuable content delivered by Dr. Douglas. He also expressed his hope that the circumstances for similar future events would be more suitable for holding them face-to-face on campus in order to give new students the opportunity to see their university and benefit from such lectures.
The session was concluded by Dr. Douglas, who confirmed that holding this session was an attempt on the part of the Counseling and Psychological Services Center to offer psychological support to the students MEU in particular and to different groups of society in general.