MEU Celebrates Pharmacy Graduate Malak Khader

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Middle East University organised a book signing at its library for the series of short stories titled ‘Lock’, authored by MEU alumnus and pharmacist Malak Khader. The event was carried out under strict health and safety measures.

The event was held under the patronage of the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr Saleem Sharif, who said that current students should look up to Ms Khader and be inspired by her vigorous pursuit to develop her creative skills. He encouraged students to explore their interests and talents, and be confident in their ability to realise their dreams.

The Dean of Pharmacy, Prof. Ammar al-Maaytah, congratulated Ms Khader on her achievement, and praised her determination to not only pursue her dreams by getting published, but to do so with such brilliance and proficiency.

Prof. al-Maaytah advised students and everyone who joined the event through the university’s live stream to widen their outlooks and allow themselves to delve into other fields than their own, in order to extend their knowledge and enrich their expertise, as was the case with Ms Khader.

The book signing was attended by faculty members and students at the Faculty of Pharmacy, as well as the author’s family. Ms Khader received her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Middle East University, and her series ‘Lock’ was recently published by Dar al-Ayam for Publishing and Distribution.