Academic Staff Research Papers

# Staff Member Name Title
1 Dr Hanan Al Jumaili The Effect of Barrier Gaps on Traffic Noise Attenuation in the Built Environment
2 Dr Fawaz Shahadeh Professional competencies of Jordanian science teachers in the light of some variables
3 Dr Amjad Daradkeh the a proposed model of activating institutional governance at the middle east university from faculty member’s point of view
4 Dr Ahmad ALi Saleh & Student Mona Al Khateb Strategic Awareness and its impact on Strategic Risks: Open Book Management Practices (OBMp) as Moderating
5 Prof Hamza Al Sawadi Full Capacity Image steganography using seven segment display pattern as secret key
6 Dr Basil Abu Fodah developing a scale of satisfaction with the quality of student services to middle east university in Jordan
7 Prof. Ahmad Mousa Structural, Elastic, Electronic and Optical Properties of SrTMO3 (TM=Rh,Zr)
8 Prof. Ahmad Mousa First Principles Study of the Structural, Electronic, Magnetic and Thermoelectric Properties of Zr2RHAI
9 Dr Sana Maswdeh The Effect of the Ownership Structure on Earnings Management Practices
10 Dr Mohmmad Outhman analyzing the effect of financial development on economic growth-the Jordanian
11 Dr Abdoul Rahman Zriuq Gender differences in iovation the role of the ambidextrous leadership of the team leads.
12 Dr Abdoul Rahman Zriuq The Role of CEO Transformational Leadership and Iovation Climate in Exploration and Exploitation”
13 Dr Abdoul Aziz Sharbati Lean Six Sigma Effect on Jordanian Pharmaceutical Industry’s Performance
14 Dr Abdoul Aziz Sharbati Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Jordan Pharmaceutical Industry’s Business
15 Dr Ayman Awad Fresh and Hardened Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Modified by Iron Power and Silica
16 Dr Hisham Abu Saymeh Optimizing Power-based Indoor Tracking System for Wireless Sensor Networks Using
17 Dr Hisham Abu Saymeh low energy consumption rate in home sensors using prime nodes
18 Dr Samer Asad Diagnostic analysis of the energy consumption of aluminum direct extrusion operations for real time conditions
19 Dr Mohmmad Al Husaini Image Steganography Technique Based on Extracted Chains from the Secret Key
20 Dr Mohmmad Al Husaini Lightweight Cryptosystem for Image Encryption Using Auto-Generated Key
21 Dr Dyea Alyan blur invariant features for exposing region duplication forgery using ANMS and local phase quantization
22 Dr Dyea Alyan A Forensic Scheme for Revealing Post-Processed Region Duplication Forgery in Suspected Images
23 Dr Abd ALrahman Abu Arqoub Impact Analysis of Adverb for Sentiment Classification on Twitter Product Reviews
24 Dr Abd ALrahman Abu Arqoub chaotic swarm algorithm for SDN multi-controller networks
25 Dr Abd ALrahman Abu Arqoub Model meditation to devercome light limitation-towards a secure tactile internet system.
26 Dr Khalil Altaif Characteristics of dissolved organic nitrogen in municipal and biological nitrogen removal wastewater treatment plants in Jordan
27 Dr Khalil Altaif دراسة انزيمات بكتيريا البيئات المالحة وعالية الملوحة ودراسة خصائصها
28 Eng Rawan Ghneimat Fresh and hardened concrete properties of recycled concrete aggregate modified by iron powder and silica
29 Prof Bader Dwayek An Ethnic Language and Culture without a Safe Enclave: A Sociocultural Perspective
30 Dr Ibrahim Harazneh the experiential image of north Cyprus destination as perceived by German tourists
31 Dr Mohmmad Adayleh e-business supply chain collaboration measurement scale: a confirmatory approach
32 Sara Naser aldeen Formulation and Implementation of Social Media Strategy Framework: A Case Study of Jordanian Government Organization
33 Dr Firas Addai Eco-friendly hot mix asphalt by using recycled concrete aggregate and waste plastic