Announcement for Students Regarding Zoom

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Privacy fears have recently emerged regarding the security of the Zoom application due to the large number of people currently using it around the world. The software company has rolled out multiple updates and carried out a number of procedures to overcome any potential threats to the application’s guarantee of users’ privacy. At Middle East University, we work to always ensure our students’ security and privacy, and have therefore carried out a number of precautionary procedures to deny unauthorised access to lectures. We ask all students to update their Zoom application to the latest version which was recently rolled out by the software company to deal with the aforementioned emerging threats to Zoom users’ security and privacy. The University has also set guidelines for faculty members on how to safely use the Zoom application. These guidelines include best practice recommendations regarding the control of various lecture features and the mechanism for granting student access, denying unauthorised access, and deactivating a number of features that may allow for the sharing of any harmful files or links.

The Department of Information Technology