The Presidency Department at Middle East University is made up of the University’s Main Bureau, the Secretary of Councils, and the Legal Department. It is responsible for a range of duties integral to the operation of the University, and it organises all affairs related to the presidency including the sorting of the University’s data, information, documents, and communications. The Presidency Department manages all decisions made by the President, follows up on them through issuing official correspondences, memorandums, and decision documents, and distributes these documents during council and committee meetings to all concerned parties. The Department also follows up with the execution of agreements and memorandums of understanding, including the allocated work plans and timetables, and it coordinates between a number of the University’s departments to receive the many esteemed visitors MEU receives regularly.

Since its foundation in the 2005/2006 academic year, the Presidency Department has been working towards accomplishing a list of goals that most notably include fostering a supportive work environment for the presidency’s administrative staff, establishing internal and external bridges of communication to further enhance MEU’s shining reputation, and establishing and maintaining the many relationships that are incredibly vital to MEU’s day to day operations both internally and with other entities.