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Overview of the Department of Political Science

Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Middle East University

Established in 2005, the Department of Political Science proudly remains the sole awarder of a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations amongst private universities. We boast various-rank faculty who obtained their degrees from leading Jordanian and international universities.

Those looking to enrol in our postgraduate taught programme and graduate with a Master’s degree in Political Science are required to attend and pass courses that amount to 33 credit hours divided as follows: 15 compulsory credit hours, 9 elective credit hours, and 9 credit hours dedicated to submitting your thesis plan and authoring your thesis on a subject of your choosing. Students can also opt for the comprehensive track, which consists of 33 credit hours’ worth of courses, divided into 24 compulsory credit hours and 9 elective credit hours.

The programme covers topics ranging from political science, ideologies and systems to international and diplomatic relations. We also dedicate a compulsory course on the history of the Palestinian cause, being the Arab and Islamic nations’ main concern over the years.