The process of warehouses management typically entails the organisation and management of stock equipment by making sure an appropriate amount of stock and the type of equipment needed is always available. The warehouse management process is also reliant on the conduct of all warehouse employees, so it is essential to ensure that all employees abide by the adopted operational procedures, including all official planning and monitoring processes. The Warehouse Department at MEU is responsible for coordinating stocking processes with a high level of competency and effectiveness, and distributes all requested materials in accordance with the University’s policy. The Warehouses Department also keeps a record of the University’s stored materials and equipment, and ensures the availability of the minimum required stock for each category of equipment.

The Department supervises all equipment stocking processes carried out at the University. It registers the stock items it receives, examines the condition it was received in, and maintains the condition of goods until they are delivered upon the request for their use. Its main duties are to provide an appropriate level of supervision and control of all equipment and materials needed to keep the University running smoothly.