IT provides a wide range of computer services for staff, administration and students. Prospective students may apply and pay online at the MEU website. Wi-Fi access is available throughout the campus. The IT center maintains a centralized authentication system which allows students to access any of the IT services using one username and password. Each student is provided with an email account, access to the course registration portal, printing and the eLearning system.

The eLearning system provides faculty and students with a web-based tool that allows access to course materials, provides a place to submit assignments and serves as a portal for online quizzes and exams. The course registration portal allows for online course registration, the ability to view class grades, and access to the teacher evaluation system. In addition, there are several computer labs on campus; seven of them are general purpose computer labs, two are language labs, two IT facility and the other five are dedicated to the graphic design programs. All of the labs are available for use by students when class is not in session. The graphics design labs are open to graphic design students when no class is in session.

The IT center provides access to lecture halls and computer labs through a BMS (property management system). Full-service printing services are also available on campus. A student can print a file specifying paper size and type of printer, designate which of several printers it is to go to, then go to that printer and have the job printed out once they enter their ID. The IT center maintains MEU CCTV. This system provides remote video surveillance of all campus locations and monitors essential building services.