1. Participating in local and international forums that attract outstanding students and develop their skills according to an entrepreneurial strategy, within the framework of quality assurance standards for studying in an environment that encourages students to learn and participate in academic research, where they are prepared to become self-dependent leaders.
  2. Contracting and cooperating with local and international university service offices.
  3. Organizing local and international events and exhibitions, such as new student meet up ceremonies, educational exhibitions at the MEU, celebrations of the national holidays of other Arab countries in the region.
  4. Facilitating students’ registration in the platform by providing several services.
  5. Providing introductory lectures at schools to guide students to choose programs that have career opportunities locally and internationally.
  6. Creating pages on social platforms to address students’ needs.
  7. Creating and implementing a measurable marketing plan in order to achieve the goals of the center and those of the university.
  8. Increasing cultural attachés and strengthening relations with them.
  9. Sponsoring extracurricular activities at schools and in the local community.