The Human Rights Center at MEU was founded in 2017 as part of the Faculty of Law with the chief goal of enhancing students’ awareness of the basic human rights afforded to all of humankind. It also aims to educate individuals about their responsibilities as citizens of our planet.

The Center was founded in order to develop and improve MEU’s course offerings related to the subject of human rights law and provide human rights researchers from all across Jordan and the Arab world with an extensive library of content on the topic. It also supports any and all human rights research being conducted at the University and helps publicise their findings so they can be published in esteemed academic journals and presented at seminars related to human rights issues.
Since its founding, the Center has enjoyed a number of achievements, as listed below:

1. Hosting a discussion workshop on hatred in cooperation with Lawyers without Borders.

2. Hosting discussion seminar titled Rise Today and Defend Human Rights, under the patronage of Prof. Yacoub Nasereddin.

3. Offering legal guidance sessions in the field of human rights for individuals from both within and outside the University.

4. Organising a lecture conducted by the former Chairman of the National Transitional Council of Libya, Advisor Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

5. Hosting a delegation of university representatives from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

6. Representing MEU at a number of workshops including, “Media and Parties’ Role in Spreading Environmental Awareness” and “Endorsing Sustainable Development Plans – Reality and Ambition”.

7. Holding the Foundational Course for Human Rights’ workshop in cooperation with the National Center for Human Rights, conducting a number of lectures for students, and awarding them accredited certificates.

8. Organising a number of ceremonies celebrating the inauguration of Women as General Policy Makers programme on the occasion of International Women’s Day and the Human Rights Day.

9. Spearheading the “Your Book is Your Friend” initiative in cooperation with the National Library, and distributing (1500) books to university students, including legal books by the Human Rights Center and faculty members.

In the future, the Center aims to sign cooperative agreements with a number of prestigious organisations similarly dedicated to championing the importance of human rights in our society, such as the National Center for Environmental Justice and the National Center for Human Rights, to cooperatively host and run an even larger number workshops educating students about the nuances of this important topic.