The Faculty of Business Holds a Training Course on the Applications of Financial Accounting

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The Faculty of Business at MEU concluded recently a training course for seniors and graduates from the Accounting Department entitled “The Applications of Financial Accounting.” The course was given by Dr. Ahmad Meri to complement the learning outcomes of the Accounting major and ensure that the students understand the needs of the job market.

The course was intended to prepare qualified competencies that are up to date with scientific and vocational developments. It encouraged also the constant development of curricula to focus more on the requirements of the job market in most accounting fields of study, including Financial Accounting, Administrative Accounting, Cost Accounting, Accounts Review and Audit, and Financial Analysis.

It is worth mentioning that the Accounting Department is constantly updating its programs, which now include degrees in Financial Technology and Financial and Accounting Sciences, a Master of Accounting, and the international programs from Bedfordshire. This is not the only training course held at the Faculty of Business, since faculty members are constantly providing training to enable students to have a leading role in serving the community, as a means of opening up new horizons for research in the field of accounting