MEU’s Faculty of Pharmacy Welcomes New Students

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The Dean of Pharmacy at Middle East University, Prof. Ammar al-Maaytah, met with the faculty’s 70 new students on Saturday via Zoom, to welcome them to the university and brief them on the teaching methods adopted in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. al-Maaytah gave an overview of the Faculty of Pharmacy’s journey and achievements and introduced its faculty members. He urged students to properly represent the faculty during their years of study, aim high and focus on learning all they can from their professors’ expertise.

Prof. al-Maaytah directed students to abide by the university’s guidelines and advised them to adapt to the teaching methods being used during the Coronavirus pandemic. He also reminded them to follow-up with their academic advisors and review the faculty’s new study plan.

Prof. al-Maaytah encouraged students attending the meeting to commit their time and efforts to their books and studies in order to fully understand their course material and perform well on exams.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. al-Maaytah highlighted the services offered by the Deanship of Student Affairs, and commended its staff for their role in integrating students into university environment. He recommended students to participate in student activities organised by the faculty, and join the university’s various student clubs. He also pointed out to the faculty’s intent on applying for ACPE accreditation, and other future plans that are bound to advance the faculty’s global reputation.