MEU’s Faculty of Law Organises a Lecture on the American and European Experience in Governance and Mediation

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AMMAN – The Faculty of Law at Middle East University organised a lecture titled, “The American and European Experience in Governance and Mediation”, given by Professor Charles Francis from Vytaus Magnus University as part of MEU’s participation in the Erasmus+ programme for the international exchange of educators.
During this lecture, intended for an audience of MA students of the Law programme, Dr. Francis discussed alternative conflict resolution techniques, the development of mediation methods throughout U.S. history, and society’s role in resolving conflict and achieving justice.
Dr. Hesham Abusaimeh, the Dean of International Programmes, emphasised, “These activities, which are supervised by the Department of Student and Academic Exchange, are designed to enable the exchange of academic expertise with major international universities and is part of the European-funded Erasmus+ programme.”