MEU Student Research Available on Scopus Prior to Defence

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AMMAN – The Psychology and Education Journal, covered by Scopus, published a Master’s thesis, titled “A Study of Factors Impacting Physics Teachers’ Intent to Use Virtual Laboratories at International Schools in Amman”, conducted by student Afaf Abulhakim Abu Koshk, studying Information and Communication Technology in Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Ms. Abu Koshk’s research proved to be of significance as it was approved for publication prior to defence.

Dr. Sany al-Khasawneh, Ms. Koshk’s supervisor and faculty member at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, said, “The fact that the research was approved for publication prior to defence is a testament to its quality and originality. We adhered to the requirements and methodology for writing a sound and solid research. Each research is reviewed by experts at international databases, including Scopus. Being approved for publication accelerates and promotes students’ academic and professional careers.”

In her research, Ms. Koshk investigated the factors that impact the intent to employ virtual laboratories in teaching Physics. She looked into the technological educational content and the necessary self-sufficiency physics teachers in Jordan should have in order to use the said technology. She adopted the descriptive method in her study, which targeted 101 physics teachers working at international schools.