MEU Organises Training Courses on E-Learning

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AMMAN – The Deanship of Accreditation, Quality and Information at Middle East University organised a course to train its faculty members on how to design online quizzes and homework assignments through using e-learning platforms such as Moodle.

Dr. Ahmad al-Louzi, the Dean of Accreditation, Quality and Information, said, “The Department of Quality organises courses such as this one, in cooperation with the Academic and Administrative Performance Improvement Division, to help upgrade the educational process and allow MEU to keep up with the latest technological advancements.”

The training course was given by Eng. Hamzeh al-Smadi, the Head of the Department of E-Learning, and Dr. Sani al-Khasawneh, a member of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the Head of the Academic and Administrative Performance Improvement Division. The trainers introduced attendees to Moodle and spoke about how instructors can use it to present materials to students and design online homework and quiz assignments. The trainers also demonstrated how using the programme could save instructors time and effort, and showed attendees other ways that technology could be employed in the classroom.

Dr. Jumana al-Salem, the Head of the Department of Quality, commented, “The Deanship plans to organise other training courses for the University’s faculty members and administrative staff as it looks to promote the quality of its academic and administrative performance.”