MEU Efficiently Continues the Distance Learning Process

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AMMAN – Middle East University continues implementing its distance learning process through its e-learning platform successfully and efficiently, and is witnessing a high rate of student attendance.

The Vice President for Scientific Faculties, Prof. Aladdin al-Halhouli, said, “MEU will continue applying distance learning strategies as an alternative to traditional teaching methods until the COVID-19 crisis passes, as per the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.” He added, “The University’s technical staff were able to develop our online system which allows us to continue the educational process without interruptions.”

Prof. al-Halhouli provided statistics that further illustrate the success of the distance learning process, as 100% of MEU’s courses were taught online with a student attendance ratio at an average between 90% to 98% for most courses. These numbers show that MEU students are very aware of the current situation’s gravity, and that professors are eager to continue fulfilling their duties. MEU’s staff is working tirelessly to upload complete lectures online, along with supporting materials such as videos, self-study references, and assignments.

The E-Learning Committee cooperates with the Department of Information Technology to directly supervise the online services MEU provides. The Committee created a video demonstration on how to access the online platform and interact with lectures. It also created a team to follow-up on the necessary preparations for interactive lectures and resolve any technical issues that might occur. The University’s platform is a verifiable success, and MEU’s faculty members are proving to be highly efficient in employing the tools available to them.

The E-Learning Committee receives periodical reports that list the number of courses being taught at each faculty, the number of courses that are currently being taught online, and the number of students that are using the e-learning platform. The Committee uses this information to continuously evaluate the efficacy of the distance learning process and accordingly carry out the necessary improvements.