MEU Celebrates the International Day for Persons with Disabilities

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AMMAN – The Deanship of Student Affairs at Middle East University organised the “This Is Me” event to celebrate the International Day for Persons with Disabilities under the patronage of the University President, Prof. Mohammad Al Hileh.
Prof. Mahmoud Al Wadi, the Vice President of MEU, remarked, “MEU organises such events as it is a firm believer in the value of all human beings. MEU is enthusiastic about supporting all groups within our community.” In organising such events, the University’s administration aims to increase the confidence of all people with disabilities and encourage them to believe in their skills and talents. The ceremony was attended by deans, faculty members, administrative staff, students, and representatives of the local community.
Dr. Heba Nasereddin, a faculty member at the Faculty of Business and the ceremony’s coordinator, emphasised, “MEU is dedicated to providing all the services that special needs students require to so that they can complete their daily duties and responsibilities with ease.”
The ceremony’s events, which included a charity bazaar selling a number of products such as woven goods, gemstones, and traditional foods, an exhibition on educational tools designed for teaching special needs students, and a variety of sports and trivia competitions, were enjoyed by the variety of the country’s special needs associations that were in attendance.
During the ceremony, a number of the special needs attendees presented artistic performances and traditional dances that displayed the depth of their creative talents.