MEU Celebrates the Holidays

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AMMAN – Middle East University lit a Christmas tree in celebration of the holidays, in the attendance of Father Nabil Haddad, the Director of the Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Centre (JICRC), his Eminence Dr. Ibrahim Dabour, the Bishop of the Catholic Church, his Eminence Dr. Hamdi Murad, an academic and researcher in interfaith dialogue, Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin, the Chairman of MEU’s Board of Trustees, and a number of MEU’s deans, faculty members, and administrative staff.

Dr. Nasereddin extended his warmest wishes to Christians in Jordan, Palestine, and all around the world, remarking, “On this occasion, we send a message of love and pride to our leader his Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein, the guardian of holy sites in Jerusalem and our greatest advocate for harmony, peace, and coexistence. His Majesty established the Amman Message, A Common Word, and the World Interfaith Harmony Week based on the methodologies and ideas of coexistence that are respected and adopted by the global community. His efforts have been celebrated with awards such as the Templeton Prize and the Lamp of Peace of Saint Francis, and a number of other prestigious awards that assert his dedication to spreading harmony, peace, and love amongst all citizens of our planet.”

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees added, “MEU adopts these values of tolerance and understanding as part of its philosophy and strategy, and is dedicated to combating terrorism and bigotry. Here at MEU, we believe that education is not limited to curricula and scientific research, but extends to teaching our students the true meaning of humanity.”

His Eminence Dr. Ibrahim Dabour said, “All Christians are proud of his Majesty’s position and actions that help further strengthen the brotherly bonds between the Muslims and Christians both in Jordan and all around the world. His Majesty is the true and rightful guardian of holy sites in Jerusalem.”

Father Nabil Haddad praised MEU for its role in broadening the minds of its students, commenting, “MEU promotes harmony, love, and peace between Muslims and Christians, and practices the principles of positive dialogue in the education it gives its students. MEU respects all religious creeds and encourages the coexistence of all religious and social groups.”

Dr. Hamdi Murad said, “Jordan, as lead by his Majesty, upholds the values and principles of harmony, tolerance, coexistence, and peace.”

Dr. Mohammad Al Arman, a faculty member at MEU’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences and a representative of the University, also gave a speech where he stated, “Promoting the coexistence between religions, cultures, and civilisations is of the utmost importance to MEU.” He then went on to refer to verses from the Quran and the hadiths of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to urge his audience to be kind and treat others ethically and respectfully.