MEU and NRC Hold a Joint Training Course

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The Deanship of Students’ Affairs at MEU held a joint training course in collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee council (NRC) on Responding to Wars and Natural Disasters. The course was held at the Jordan International Police Training Center (JIPTC)/Public Security Directorate, for three days between 19-21/05/2021.
The course aimed at introducing students to the means of preparing for the cases of wars and natural disasters and mitigating their impacts, and to train them on conducting first aid in emergencies, on cases such as hemorrhages, fractures and other injuries. Such training would help students limit the impact of injuries and act quickly so as to avoid the worsening of cases. The course was attended by several cultural and social activity supervisors and numerous students, and was oriented towards raising the awareness of the Centenary generation of how to combat negative phenomena in our society.