Kuwaiti Cultural Advisor Visits MEU

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AMMAN – The Chairman of Middle East University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin, met with Mr. Bader Al Muteiri, the Director of the Kuwaiti Cultural Office, to deliberate the establishment of partnerships between MEU and Kuwaiti universities. The meeting also focused on recruiting Kuwaiti students to MEU, specifically to encourage their enrolment in the international programmes hosted at the University.
During the meeting, also attended by MEU President Prof. Mohammad Al Hileh, Dr. Nasereddin stated, “With the onset of the fourth industrial revolution and the accompanying developments being made in the fields of communications, information technology, and applied sciences, Arab universities have found themselves responsible for widening their knowledge of the latest developments in all realms of technology and science in order to maintain their relevance as academic institutions.”
Mr. Al Muteiri remarked, “Jordan and Kuwait share a strong relationship when it comes to the field of higher education and scientific research.” He also praised MEU’s reputation for seeking knowledge in all fields of education and academia, and for its demonstrated enthusiasm in establishing partnerships with prestigious international universities.
After the meeting, the Kuwaiti Cultural Advisor and his accompanying delegation took a tour of the University’s facilities, computer labs, lecture halls, and also visited its central library.