Holds a Seminar on the Trends and Challenges of AI

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In coordination with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), the Faculty of Information Technology held a specialized seminar on the Trends and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence. The seminar was conducted through Microsoft Teams and was presented by Eng. Bilal Al-Hafnawi, member of the Council of Commissioner Affairs Unit at the TRC.

Attended by a body of faculty members and students, the seminar discussed main aspects which included an explanation of the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) across various sectors, the current and future developments in the technology and applications of AI, the types of AI, and the importance of Robotics in science and technology. In also discussed the relationship of AI to the digital transformation and the current and future trends of AI.

Al-Hafnawi confirmed that AI is among the most influential trends across different vital areas and sectors, which requires care and focus on research and applications in this domain in order to develop systems in a manner that reduces cost and enhances the quality of outputs. This should help solve various business challenges in the future.

From his side, the dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Dr. Abdel Rahman Abu Arqoub, made reference to the interest that MEU invests in AI across different faculties, by introducing programs such as Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Intelligent Systems Engineering, saying that MEU is constantly keen to raise awareness about this domain. This also involves holding specialized seminars and lectures for the local community in compliance with the university’s policy and attempts at continuous communication with different groups in the local community.

The seminar was followed by an extensive discussion with the participating students on the trends and challenges of AI. Eng. Al-Hafnawi then concluded the seminar by acknowledging MEU’s cooperation in conducting the seminar and emphasised the importance of conducting similar seminars in the future.

Being one of the activities of Jordan’s Centenary at MEU, this seminar is a continuation for the state’s mission to support the youth towards more advancement in the future.