About Physical Therapy Department

The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at MEU was established in the academic year 2022-2023. The faculty introduced the bachelor’s program in Physical Therapy, which consists of 132 credit hours which include theoretical subjects, practical and clinical trainings that qualify students to practice physiotherapy in hospitals, healthcare centers, rehabilitation centers, and sport clubs.

Physical Therapy bachelor’s program enables students to study and practice physiotherapy in an integrated manner, as the program supplies students with special leaning skills, fundamental scientific knowledge, and practical and clinical trainings by using a comprehensive method of prevention, evaluation, treatment of physical diseases, rehabilitation of disabilities and mobility challenges using various therapeutic techniques. Like therapeutic exercises, usage of electric, thermal, and hydrotherapy treatments. In order to provide communities with graduates who are distinguished in physiotherapy with international specifications and are able to practice the profession skillfully, with high academic, medical, and practical expertise to meet the needs in the health care feild.

Despite its novelty, the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at MEU strives for excellence and continuous development in order to keep abreast of all the fast-pace developments in physiotherapy occupation, aiming to provide the faculty’s students with all the knowledge, science, and medical skills that ensure their success in practicing their occupation with excellence upon graduation.

The novelty of the faculty demands the implementation of a strategy that enables it to deal with the important next stage of its history.