Dr. Yacoub Naseredin Ensures that MEU Staff’s Labour Rights Will Be Respected

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AMMAN – The Chairman of Middle East University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin, issued an urgent message directing the University’s presidency to pay off its faculty members and administrative staff’s salaries without committing any violations to their employment and contractual rights. MEU is committed to honouring its social responsibility and ensures the unity of its community members in the light of the current living circumstances as Jordan combats the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Dr. Nasereddin wished his MEU faculty members and administrative staff a blessed Ramadan. He also urged the University’s administration to stand by its staff who are maintaining operations from their homes in a highly professional manner and are dedicated to promoting MEU’s reputation for community service, teaching, research, and student employment.

Dr. Nasereddin expressed his pride in MEU’s staff for their role in combating the adverse effects that the Coronavirus has had on the local community, he believes that their cooperation is the perfect embodiment of the partnership between the private and public sectors.

Dr. Nasereddin, a representative of YAN Commercial Group, donated 100 thousand JODs to the Jordanian Ministry of Health in an effort to fulfil his national duty and represent his commitment to social responsibility.