Dr Sharif to Fact International: ‘Bullies Suffer from Mental Disorders and Require Treatment’

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AMMAN – The Assistant to the President for Community Service and Dean of Student Affairs, Dr Saleem Sharif, said that the act of bullying is not limited to school and university students, but can actually be seen in all age groups. Dr Sharif finds bullying to be an aggressive social behaviour that clearly indicates the presence of a mental disorder.

Dr Sharif was hosted on the ‘Ahla Sabah’ morning show, aired on Fact International, to discuss the bullying behaviour, describing it as a form of violence being practiced by an individual or group towards another. He highlighted that this behaviour is common amongst school students of all stages.

Dr Sharif elaborated on the issue by listing examples of widespread forms of bullying such as spreading rumours, issuing threats, verbal or physical harassment and other passive acts that affect their victims’ mentality.

Dr Sharif advised parents to maintain a close relationship with their children in order to provide them with emotional support and be able to detect any behavioural changes such as making up excuses to miss school, getting low grades, losing focus, isolation and lack of self-confidence, depression and being inactive. He stressed the importance of establishing trust with our children and being there for them, as such state could sadly lead to suicide.

Dr Sharif stated that the best way to approach this phenomenon and find a radical solution for the problem is to start by treating the bullies themselves. He stressed that victims should be provided with the necessary support and encouragement from their families and school administrations to allow them to feel safe and protected and help them regain their self-confidence. He also urged influencers in all fields to assume their responsibility in combating and overcoming this phenomenon.