Students Exchange Programmes


Students Exchange Programmes:


Student exchange programmes are our way to connect and interact with partners around the world, to enrich the student experience in and out of Jordan, and we believe that intercultural exchange promotes understanding, respect and goodwill among people of all nations.

Through student’s exchange programmes the student will open up windows of new cultures, people, places, flavors and education with partners that we sign agreements with.

We have many bilateral agreements with different countries for academic and students exchange:


  1. Turkey 
  2. Latvia
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Romania
  5. Cyprus
  6. Lithuania
  7. Greece 
  8. Spain and other EU countries.



Middle East University offers a variety of study abroad and exchange options ranging from English courses, Summer Schools, Work and Travel, Cultural Exchange to Erasmus+ Programmes and many others. 


Students Exchange Benefits:

  1. The best way to become proficient at speaking a foreign language.
  2. The student will gain independence and come home with entirely new perspectives on what it means to be a global citizen
  3. The student will be in a perfect position to strengthen his/her communication skills 
  4. It will increase the employable opportunities 
  5. It will be the only chance that the student could be live abroad 


Students Exchange standards and requirements: 


  1. Completed 36 credit hours for BA Degree and 6 credit for the Master’s Degree.
  2. GPA: Not less than 2.5/4 for the BA Student and 3/4 for the Master Student. 
  3. Never received any academic or ethical warnings 
  4. Submit a motivation letter enclosed with updated CV 
  5. Preferable if active on campus and does a volunteer work 
  6. Good English communication skills; the student should provide an English Proof Test (Placement Test not less than B2 Level) 


Our partners: 


  1. Australian National University 
  2. Istanbul Zaim Sabahattin University 
  3. Transylvania University 
  4. University of Latvia 
  5. Uclan University 
  6. University of Strathclyde 
  7. Kaunas University 
  8. Bursa Technical University
  9. Gaziantep University
  10. University of Piraeus
  11. Romanian–American University