Baddawi to RT: ‘MEU’s IEC Supports Jordanian Youth Start-ups’

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AMMAN – RT Arabic hosted Ms. Farah Baddawi, the “Jordan Entrepreneurs 2020” Project Coordinator at Middle East University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, via Skype to speak about the first of its kind programme to be organised by a Jordanian university. The programme was launched last February and continues to hold activities, sessions, and interactive programmes such as the “Meet Our Start-ups” programme, in light of the Coronavirus crisis.

Ms. Baddawi discussed the importance of these kinds of programmes for the youth, as they allow them to unleash their talents and potential. These programmes aid the youth in establishing small start-ups and becoming active contributors to the growth of the national economy. Entrepreneurial youth would be enabled to turn their creative and innovative ideas into actual products that serve the Jordanian community. Ms. Baddawi also painted an image of how entrepreneurial youth are resuming their operations during quarantine, how did Jordan benefit from these projects, and how the Coronavirus crisis affected working and living conditions.

Ms. Baddawi said, “Jordan’s entrepreneurship environment has greatly developed during the last five years. MEU’s IEC continues to support entrepreneurial youth in establishing their start-ups and extending their partnerships with sectors that foster entrepreneurship, all in cooperation with its partners in the field.”