An MEU Research Proposes an Algorithm that Enables Random Access to IoT Networks Using LoRA Technology

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MEU takes part in conducting a comprehensive research that proposes an intelligent algorithm that enables random access to IoT networks using LoRa technology.

This research, prepared by the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at the MEU, Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Abu Arqoub, in cooperation with researchers from Jordan University of Science and Technology and several Chinese and Saudi universities, proposes a random access algorithm based on data delivery probabilities. What’s more, it is valid in environments that consume less energy while it guarantees higher quality, and makes the best use of the technical advantages of LoRa technology.

The proposed algorithm is composed of three models: the Network model, the Channel model, and the Traffic model.

Extensive tests conducted to compare the proposed algorithm with a set of modern algorithms proved the excellence of the proposed algorithm on several axes, including Frame Collision, Frame Loss and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

The research was published in an international journal specialized in information and intelligent systems, and within Elsevier’s international database Scopus, achieving an impact factor of 1.902, according to Clarivate analytics.