Core Values

Core Values

Middle East University’s core values are the operational framework that dictates the manner in which individuals should communicate with one another both within and outside of the University. The University adheres to these core values in order to achieve its mission of providing students with a premium education that shapes them into the leaders of tomorrow. Below are the University’s main values:


The University aims to provide an academic and practical education that reaches the highest levels of excellence.


The University atmosphere is ideal for encouraging collaborative dialogue and fostering students’ creativity, allowing MEU to become an internationally respected institution.

Continued Education and Learning:

The University is committed to supporting its students’ educational endeavours and efforts in promoting societal welfare both on-campus and beyond.


The University devotes many resources to identifying its students’ needs and solving problems with the appropriate flexibility and sensitivity.


The University implements a comprehensive set of rules, regulations, and instructions to ensure quality educational outcomes.

Community Service

The University dedicates its time and efforts to the betterment of society, which it accomplishes by developing fruitful partnerships with local organisations to establish and run continuing training and educational programmes.


The University strives to meet international standards of academic excellence and aims to become a top-ranked institution on a global scale.