A Master’s Thesis on Rescinding Administrative Decisions in the Jordanian Legal System

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AMMAN – Researcher and Faculty of Law student Ibrahim al-Rawashdeh defended his Master’s thesis, titled [the formalities and procedures of rescinding decisions in the Jordanian legal system compared to the Egyptian legal system].

The researcher investigated the process of rescinding faulty administrative decisions, as administrations are allowed to practice this right in order to self-correct their faulty actions. The researcher also reviewed the legal tools permitted and made available by the legislator for those affected by the administrative decision, and how can such decisions be legally rescinded.

The researcher found that rescinding an administrative decision grants administrations the right to retract their illegal acts, and stabilises the legal circumstances triggered by the administrative decision.

The researcher recommended maintaining the process of rescinding administrative decisions as it is, and prohibiting rescinding regulatory administrative decisions, even if not applied. He also saw an urgency for an interference by the administrative judiciary to find legal texts and laws for cases that are not covered by the legislation.

The thesis assessment committee presiding over this project included Dr. Ayman Yousef al-Rofou’, as Mr. al-Rawashdeh’s supervisor, Dr. Ahmad Mohammad al-Louzi, as the internal MEU evaluator and head of the committee, and Dr. Osama Ahmad al-Hanayneh from al-Ahliyya Amman University, as the external evaluator.