Vision, Mission and Objectives


Leadership and excellence in developing the online-learning environment, both academically and electronically.


Provision of support and guidance in facilitating electronic and academic services to Faculty members, students, and stakeholders in a manner that contributes to the development of the online -learning environment inside and outside the university.


  • Developing the e-learning infrastructure performance to provide an excellence experience to student and faculty members.
  • Training Faculty members and students on using e-learning platforms and systems.
  • Supervising and managing the university’s electronic exams.
  • Supervising the e-learning systems.
  • Developing various e-materials.
  • Dispersing the culture of academic excellence.
  • Supporting the professional development of faculty members at MEU.
  • Exchanging expertise and consulting with training and university development institutions.
  • Conducting training courses in cooperation with the Consulting, Training and Languages Center.
  • Supervising the quality and efficiency of academic programs.