Cifal Amman

Since its founding in 2006, the Language and Translation Center at Middle East University has worked towards providing the MEU community with courses and training in a variety of languages by ensuring a friendly and organised learning environment to keep students motivated about learning a new language.

The courses offered at the Language and Translation Center are taught by a variety of expert lecturers and cater to language learners at all levels of fluency seven days a week. Courses run within intensive to prolonged schedules, with some running for a single month and others running for up to 9 months. The Center provides placement testing to ensure that potential students are assigned to the classes appropriate for their level of fluency upon entering a course. All students are awarded a certificate of completion issued by MEU and certified by the Ministry of Higher Education upon passing an exit exam at the end of their course.

The Center is always open to designing courses upon request and offers discounts to groups and companies interested in enrolling in one of our programmes.