Dean’s Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Information Technology at the Middle East University (MEU). Over the past years, MEU has been making steady progress and growth; we are committed to making it sustain this growth. The Faculty offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs including: MSc in Cloud Computing Services and Security, BSc in Artificial Inelegance , and BSc in Computer Information Systems.
The Faculty of Information Technology at the MEU took it upon themselves to provide all facilities and specialists to achieve the goal of bridging the shortage of specialists in Information Technology. Our teaching staff are graduates of European and American universities; who conduct high quality research in various areas including: Computer Networks, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Pervasive Computing, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence.

To enable students to keep pace with the development in the theoretical side of information technologies, the University provided the faculty with the latest laboratories. In addition to the above, the faculty has made partnership agreements with local and international companies, like Microsoft, which gives training courses for students and faculty members to enable them to use and apply the latest of their software products. Accordingly, this would bridge the gap between academia and industry.

All Curricula have been designed in a modern and advanced way, aspiring to achieve the University’s vision and overall excellence in the fields of education and research. Quality assurance has been a priority in the development and improvement of the performance of the Faculty.

Dean of Information Technology Faculty
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