Policy of Water Sustainability


Middle East University endeavors to achieve its mission of preparing leaders through creating an environment that stimulates learning, research, and community services. In order to assure its seriousness and commitment and to promote its continuous effort of seeking to learn, MEU is aware of the environmental impact of its various activities. Accordingly, the University adopts a special policy of environmental sustainability within other areas to assure the management of the relationship with its surrounding to protect it, from one side, and to sustain the University’s resources and facilities, from the other. To implement this policy, roles shall be distributed carefully among members of the University to ensure the precise implementation of its procedures. This also requires the consolidation of efforts to reach a safe and friendly campus environment. Water sustainability is prioritized at Middle East University. Water is the source of life, and achieving water security comprising a serious challenge on the national and international levels. Therefore, the University adopts special policy for water management, sustainability and maintenance.


Efficiency in water resources management and treatment.


1. Reducing the consumption of water.
2. Protecting the environment by reducing pollution.
3. Providing appropriate green areas.


1. Using water harvesting techniques through collecting rainwater on the roofs of buildings in containers for reuse in agriculture.
2. Using several technologies to reduce the consumption of water at several locations (toilets).
3. Improve sewage treatment plants to use treated water for irrigation purposes.
4. Raising awareness of rationalizing water consumption at the University.
5. Using drip irrigation systems.