Policy of Energy Sustainability


Middle East University endeavors to achieve its mission of preparing leaders through creating an environment that stimulates learning, research, and community services. In order to assure its seriousness and commitment and to promote its continuous effort of seeking to learn, MEU is aware of the environmental impact of its various activities. Accordingly, the University adopts a special policy of environmental sustainability within other areas to assure the management of the relationship with its surrounding to protect it, from one side, and to sustain the University’s resources and facilities, from the other. To implement this policy, roles shall be distributed carefully among members of the University to ensure the precise implementation of its procedures. This also requires the consolidation of efforts to reach a safe and friendly campus environment.
Energy sustainability is an objective that Middle East University endeavors to achieve. The University believes that energy sustainability has a role in maintaining traditional energy resources, from one side, and providing renewable natural energy resources, from the other, to serve its internal environment and to contribute toward preserving the outside environment that surrounds it. To achieve this objective, Middle East University adopts special policy for energy sustainability.


Efficiency in managing the use of several energy resources.


1. Rationalizing energy consumption.
2. Preserving the environment through depending on clean and renewable energy resources.


1. Using energy-saving light sources.
2. Establishing solar energy plant with a capacity of 800 kw.
3. Raising the culture of energy rationalization with a focus on renewable energy.
4. Using several techniques for energy saving (sensor/ timer) at the operational processes.