Project Outcomes

 The project outputs will be greatly beneficial to five main groups:

  •  Higher education students particularly in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Engineering.
  • The workforce in the field of renewable energy and smart grid application and technology.
  • Higher Education staff members particularly those engaged in the pedagogic work relating to the field of Smart Grid and grid integrated systems in all multitudes of its technical aspects.
  • Institutions throughout the regions which the applicants belong to that are directly involved in the design, development, realization and maintenance of the electrical grid system.
  • Engineering and scientific industries and training centres in the regions which the applicants belong to that are actively engaged in fields relating to renewable energy, intelligent meters, power system design etc.


Target groups will be reached through the following means:

  • Direct engagement with students on university levels which covers all applicants involved.
  • Direct engagement with the workforce from the industries (stockholders) which work in the field of smart grid field (through fellowship programs).
  • Seminars and conferences held by the consortium will open up the channels required to communicate the outputs of the project to target groups 3 and 4.
  • The dedicated website and online data provided by the consortium will further reach out to all parties who find the project's work of relevance to their domain of work/research.
  • Printed material including newsletters, brochures and training booklets will enable the consortium to reach out to institutes and centers directly or indirectly involved in smart grid applications

WP1 Outcomes & Deliverables

WP3 Outcomes & Deliverables

WP5 Outcomes & Deliverables

WP6 Outcomes & Deliverables