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Curriculum vitae with Arabic Language

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1. Energy Efficient Glass: A Way to Reduce Energy Consumption in Office Buildings in Amman
IEEE Access


2. Reviving Courtyard Concept Using Electrochromic Glazing System in Residential Building: The Case of Amman City
International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology


3. Nurturing Students Design Skill through Analogy and Metaphor Reasoning
Journal of Engineering and Architecture


4. Developing Computer-Based Design Approach to Foster the Architectural Skills of Undergraduate Students in Design Studios
Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture


5. Using Pervious Concrete for Managing Storm Water Run-off in Urban Neighborhoods: Case of Amman
American International Journal of Contemporary Research


6. The Effect of Street Orientation and Surrounding Building Heights on Solar Accessibility in Winter Season in Amman, Jordan
Architecture and Modern Information Technologies


7. Large Interactive Media Display and Its Influence on Transformation Urban Spaces from Neglecting to Action: The Case of Al-Thaqafa Street in Amman City
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications


8. Case Design a Sustainable Energy System for an Institute of Cinematographic Art
Cold and Heat and Air Conditioning Journal