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1. Detection of clone scammers in Android markets using IoT‐based edge computing
(Wiley) Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies


2. D-FAP: Dual-Factor Authentication Protocol for Mobile Cloud Connected Devices
(MDPI) Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks


3. Chaotic salp swarm algorithm for SDN multi-controller networks
(Elsevier) Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal


4. Secure and Reliable IoT Networks Using Fog Computing with Software-Defined Networking and Blockchain
(MDPI) Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks


5. Model Mediation to Overcome Light Limitations—Toward a Secure Tactile Internet System
(MDPI) Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks


6. SCOUT: a sink camouflage and concealed data delivery paradigm for circumvention of sink-targeted cyber threats in wireless sensor networks
(Springer Nature) The Journal of Supercomputing


7. Impact analysis of adverbs for sentiment classification on Twitter product reviews
(Wiley) concurrency and computation: practice and experience


8. A Methodology for Real-time Data Sustainability in Smart City: Towards Inferencing and Analytics for Big-Data
(Elsevier) Sustainable Cities and Society


9. Development of Intelligent Core Network for Tactile Internet and Future Smart Systems. Journal
(MDPI) Sensors Actuator Networks


10. Dynamic Clustering and Management of Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
(Elsevier) Computer Networks


11. A Wireless Sensor Network Border Monitoring System: Deployment Issues and Routing Protocols
IEEE Sensors Journal


12. Behaviour Profiling in Healthcare Applications Using the Internet of Things Technology
International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications


13. Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks: Mobility-aware Sink Selection
The Open Automation and Control Systems Journal